Are you ready to spice up your exercise life?   Looking for a way to add a little exotic spice to your workout routine?

Well wait no longer because Jeanette DePatie, Ragen Chastain and the Fit Fatties Forum are pleased to announce Fit Fatties Virtual Vacations!LuggageTag

Fit Fatties Virtual Vacations are a way to set exercise goals and celebrate exercise achievements while learning about fabulous cities throughout the globe. Whatever form of exercise you choose—we will help you convert that exercise into “virtual miles” which can be used to virtually “explore” amazing cities like Paris, New York and Hong Kong.

We have a number of “Virtual Vacation Packages” for your cyber-travelling pleasure. Choose individual cities, or a 5-city or our “world explorer” 10-city package.

Our virtual vacations “depart” on June 1, but you’ll want to book early to take advantage of super early bird pricing!

We encourage people of all dis/abilities to participate and virtually any form of joyful physical activity may be counted towards your total. It doesn’t matter if you are walking, chair dancing, swimming, lifting weights or competing in a hula hoop competition, it ALL counts!


How It Works

Register for as many cities as you like. When you complete your virtual exploration of a particular city, you’ll receive a listing on the forum page with a picture and/or video, a badge for your profile and congratulations on our Facebook page. If you choose the 10-city package, you will also receive a “Fit Fatty World Explorer” luggage tag to take along on your real-world travels.


What is Virtual Exploration?

Each city that you select will have a distance associated with it. This is the distance from one end of that city to the other. Once you register for the city, you will receive information from us about all the cool stuff in that city.   You’ll get access to photos and fun facts about that city. As you work out, you’ll need to keep track of how many miles or how many hours you’ve exercised (we count 1 hour of exercise as 3 miles). Once you have achieved the mile total for that city, you get your passport stamped and get to move on to the next city.


 Which Cities are on the Tours?

Here’s the great news, YOU GET TO HELP US CHOOSE! Just take our Virtual Vacation Survey (It’s only 1 question). Click HERE. The leading cities will be chosen to be part of our 10-city tour.



First, become an official Fit Fatty by joining the Fit Fatties Forum ( AND the Fit Fatties Facebook Page (

Both are free to join!

Next, register for your event(s):

Super Early Bird Pricing (through May 20, 2014):

1 city: $5

5-City Tour: $20

10 City Tour: $35


 Early Bird Pricing (May 21-June 1, 2014)

1 city: $7–Click here to order as many as you want.

5-City Tour: $30–Click here to register!

10 City Tour: $50–Click here to register!


After June 1

1 city: $10

5-City Tour: $40

10 City Tour: $75


To Finish Exploring a City:

You must take a picture of you completing the hour total or distance required for that city. In this photo you must either be holding a fit fatties Virtual Vacation Passport sign or be wearing a piece of Fit Fatties Swag. Post your photo to your Facebook page with a link to the Fit Fatties Facebook Page ( We’ll will get your photo up on the site and update your position on the Virtual Explorers board.



Do you have to be fat to do this?

Nope!  We welcome people of all sizes, our use of the word fat is about making a specific place for fat people in the fitness discussion, not about excluding people who don’t identify as fat.

Why are you charging for this?

Keeping the forum going costs money and takes time, and there are a lot of things that we want to do with the forum but we need funding to do them.  We like the idea of a relationship where we support our members and they support the forum and get cool experiences and prizes in return. The funds from this go right back into the forum.

Are people with disabilities welcome?

Absolutely!  We invite everyone to modify any existing events and to suggest your own events that work for you.

Liability Waiver:  By registering, you are acknowledging your awareness and assumption of all risks associated with your participation. You are certifying that you are medically and physically fit to compete safely in the events that you choose, and you are agreeing to hold harmless the Fit Fatties Forum, Ragen Chastain and Jeanette DePatie for any outcomes of your participation.


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